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Kate Stephens

This is about our precious little Kate.
How she took so sick on April second 2008.
Taken by helicopter to a hospital in Ashville.
We prayed touch her Lord, we believe you will.
Couldn't find all problems there.
We knew we were in the Lord's care.
From there to Egleston we did go.
Touch the doctors and nurses there Lord, let them know,
what's really wrong with our precious little Kate.
As long as it takes we'll just pray and wait.
Now they're sending us to another place.
To Scottish Rite we go, Lord we need your supernatural grace.
Kate had her seventh birthday in a hospital room.
Thinking and praying we're going home soon.
Our bottles of tears have overflowed,
but we're gonna continue your seed to sow.
With our teardrops going down to earth as rain.
Watering the flowers and causes them to bloom again.
Back to Egleston where little Kate put on her angel wings.
July thirteenth in Heaven she now sings.
Some people blame God when things go wrong.
We just lift our fingers and praise Him with a song.
This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine.
Even though right now our light is dim.
He still gives us reasons to praise Him.
While Kate was here she painted a picture of a beautiful rainbow.
A promise her life would touch souls before she had to go.
Now she leaves behind Dad, Mom, and brother Jake.
I'm sure the question, why Lord my sister did you take?
Then there’s the other family members,
of all those precious times they remember.
Now there’s Purvis the cat also grieving
Because Of missing Kate since her leaving
They say time will heal,
but right now for us time seems to be standing still.

  © Virginia Whitworth

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